What Is a Shipping Conference?

Shipping Conferences are a unique event in that they allow multiple vendors to come together in the same room and discuss their businesses. The Shipping Conference is the brainchild of Jon Miller, President of International Cruise Lines. Jon started the shipping conference concept over eight years ago and has seen growth ever since. Shipping Conferences allow industry leaders and individual operators to gather in one room to network while enjoying the company of those in attendance. This type of event can be an excellent source for product and service ideas, and even allow you to learn about products or services that you may not otherwise know about.

shipping conference

The concept of shipping conferences began when Jon had attended an international cruise conference in the Caribbean. He was impressed by how successful the event was and soon developed the format that we use today. Since then, the shipping conference has been growing each year. Now we have thousands of attendees every year, and the numbers are growing each year! Shipping Conferences allow us to bring the minds of the global shipping industry together.

A shipping conference allows you to make valuable business connections with people across the board, no matter what product or service they may offer. You’ll find that you will grow in your business, learn more about new products or services, and possibly get some referrals that can help your business out significantly. Plus, if you’re attending the shipping conference with an existing partner or distributor, you can use the networking opportunity at the conference to improve your relationship and create a positive step-counterpoint to your current business problem. No matter what the shipping conference is all about, you’re sure to gain valuable knowledge, meet new people, network, and even make some sales at the event.

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