The City of Hartford Connecticut

hartford connecticut

The City of Hartford Connecticut

Hartford is the state capital of Connecticut. It is home to the famous Mark Twain House & museum. The 1874 mansion houses many antique artifacts, which include the desk where Twain wrote his many best-known books. The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center has a garden and a large collection of period furnishings. The museum also features the original steamboat engine, the first steamboat in Connecticut and the first motion picture record.

This city is near the New Haven line and several major highways cross through its metropolitan area, which gives access to New York City, Boston, Rhode Island and other popular cities. The Connecticut River passes through the city and has several tributaries that feed into it. In addition to being the home of two popular literary figures – John Twain and Herman Melville – it is the site of today’s popular Woodstock festival.

Today, this city is one of the most densely populated cities in the eastern United States with a total population of about three million. It is a center for education, commerce, government and industry. It is a state capital city with a large number of smaller communities. With the addition of the satellite town of New Haven, Connecticut, to the North Central Connecticut Transit Authority, the commuter factor has increased to an all time high.

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