Setting Up a Shipping Conference System

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Setting Up a Shipping Conference System

Definition: Shipping Conferences refers to shipping companies which have either formed an organization to pool resources together to set and enforce passenger fares and freight rates across a variety of shipping routes. There are several different shipping conferences based on the area of transportation you want your shipment headed. These shipping conferences can be used for international shipment of goods as well as local shipping of goods. There are also several regional conferences which provide information on the best time to shipment certain items depending on the area of the country that they are shipping to. You will often find regional meetings of freight brokers which provide information on the best times of year to shipment certain products.

Setting up a shipping conference system is not difficult and many companies will ship all of your freight needs without charging you a single cent until your shipment is completed. The first step in setting up your own shipping conference system is to establish a board of directors which will consist of yourself, three other members and one neutral third party. Then you will establish how many such conferences you wish to have running at any given time, which will depend on the number of shipments you need to send out at any given time. Once this is established then you can begin looking into the various software options you have for this system.

Software: There are quite a few different software options for shipping conference systems. Some of these options include: SIP Seats, Digital Signature and Jitterbug. SIP Seats is excellent if you want a simple solution, if you are only interested in keeping a low profile and if you have a lot of traffic on your site then this would be a great option. Digital signature is ideal for keeping your clients records such as the Tonnage Received and the Tonnage Exchanged and Jitterbug is ideal for keeping track of your individual shipments. These programs will track all of your shipping information and usually also track your export and import statistics.

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