RMS Oceana – NY to Buffalo, New York

Ocean Travel offers affordable and dependable bus services throughout Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and New York (Newark). The most popular bus route includes NYC to Buffalo, Rochester to NYC and New York to Buffalo. They also offer shuttles to and from Niagara Falls, the Holland Tunnel, Toronto’s Yonge Streetcar and Cortlandt Park. This is also a great way to travel around the region since it offers the convenience of a comfortable and informative interior bus while giving you the ability to see more sites than a single plane trip ever will. The company is owned by Acta Development and is part of the Consolidated Travelers Group.

ocean travel

There are two class systems that you can choose for your ocean travel and these include the Manhattan Offshoot and the Niagara Falls Cruises. The Manhattan Outbound offers a variety of adventures for couples, families and singles alike and this gives you the opportunity to explore both the Niagara Falls and the Buffalo area. On the other hand, the Niagara Falls Cruises offers a more luxurious and sophisticated environment for their passengers. These cruises take place between the months of May through July and are filled with entertainment including steamship rides and fine dining.

One of the best parts about the RMS oceanic and all the affiliated lines are that they give you the opportunity to travel to all destinations that we have in the United States. These cruises allow you to explore a different part of the country each time and to make memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to travel the United States or Canada aboard a registered cruise ship, you should research the different lines that are offered and all the specials and promotions that each has to offer.

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