Overview of Maritime Shipping Services

Maritime shipping and freight shipping, or in other words inland transportation, is the transportation of goods or individuals through inland waterways. Freight shipping by sea was extensively used during recorded history. With the invention of the motorboat and the telegraph, cargo shipping by ocean became commonplace as well. Today, with the increase in international trade, many nations depend on maritime shipping to deliver their goods to distant destinations or to simply keep goods in the country.

maritime shipping

A great number of shipping options are available to businesses and individuals. The most common types of ocean freight services include air freight services, land-based truck deliveries, and sea freight services. All of these options are available to businesses in various industries including energy, agriculture, finance, telecommunications, chemicals, and insurance. Air freight services, in addition to worldwide delivery options, can be tailored to a variety of time zones and can provide recipients with consignment and pick up solutions.

Ocean freight services are usually delivered by large sea-going vessels such as container ships, bulk carriers, or large landing ships. Larger ships carrying heavy goods are suitable for ocean freight services. Container ships can carry large amounts of heavy goods or items that can be difficult to transport by land. Land-based trucks can make short journeys short but are unable to carry the same volume or weight as ocean-going container ships. Sea-going vessels are ideally suited for transporting lighter and more fragile goods such as refrigerated products, perishable goods, and fragile household goods.

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