New Haven, Connecticut – A Well Rounded City


New Haven, Connecticut – A Well Rounded City

Connecticut is a U.S. State in southern New England, which has a rich mix of urban rural areas and coastal towns dotted along the shoreline of Connecticut River. Mystic is famous for its Seaport Museum rich in maritime history, and the beluga whales at Mystic Aquarium. On Long Island Sound, the world-famous New Haven is also known as the home of Yale University. The urban growth of Connecticut has been rapid and many large financial and technology companies have set up shop here.

In the middle of the state, you will find two cities that are synonymous with America, Greenwich and New Haven. The largest city of Greenwich is the seat of the Capital Region and is considered one of the “big six” cities of the State of Connecticut. Its location makes it an ideal place to be based and many industries are centered here. The city of New Haven, on the other hand, is considered the oldest city in the State of Connecticut and was the former capital of the Republic of Connecticut. It is named after the Spanish settlement of New Haven, which was later named Rhode Island after Governor William Rhode’s claim of being the founder of the state. From the early days of New Haven, the city has evolved into a prominent cultural center in the state where many artists and writers have lived and worked since its inception.

One of the most important historical places to visit in Connecticut is the National Maritime Center in New Haven. Built in the New England colonial style, it was created over 100 years ago as a national memorial. The impressive granite facade of the building is one of the finest examples of Colonial architecture. A short train ride from the NMC, you can take a scenic trip on the New Haven commuter railroad which connects the two main cities, CT to Portland, Maine. This gives you a chance to experience the awe-inspiring natural landscape of New England while taking a respite from the fast-paced urban life.

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