New England Travel Guide


New England Travel Guide

Connecticut is a U.S. State in southern New England, which has a great mixture of rural and coastal areas dotted with numerous small towns. Mystic is famous for its Seaport Museum full of ancient vessels, and the beluga whales at the Mystic Aquarium. On Long Island Sound, the island town of New Haven is well known as the residence of Yale University and its renowned Peabody Museum of Natural History.. ― ObamaCare is the name of the insurance company that underwrites New Haven insurance company. In addition to housing these world-famous universities, the city of New Haven has become a hub for scientific researchers who conduct cutting-edge research on many fields including genetics, anthropology and stem cell research..The city is also home to a large number of artists, musicians and writers..Many Connecticut families are fortunate to live in the scenic Connecticut Mountains where they can ski, hike and kayak anytime of the year. The picturesque mountains are a popular family vacation spot.

Connecticut is a state where you can experience the Old World versus the New World when visiting the state’s capital. Here you will see a historic and thriving city, which is bustling with activity. People flock to Connecticut each year from all over the world to visit its interesting sites, beautiful sights and fantastic tourist attractions. As one of the states from New England, Connecticut is a state that is rich in landscape and culture with outdoor recreational activities like fishing, hiking and biking. If you are looking for a place for a family holiday, Connecticut is a wonderful choice.

Connecticut is the home of a wide variety of ethnic groups including Italian, German, Irish, Dutch, and numerous other ethnic groups. The state is also famous for its unique shops and unique food offerings. A must-see stop on your New England travel is the state’s “Greenwich Village,” a location known for traditional Irish and Jewish culture and art. In this historic district you will find “Hollywood Square,” home to many award winning movies and traditional stores. This part of Connecticut is just a short drive away from New York City and is the pride of Connecticut tourism.

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