Middletown Newspapers – A Review of Connecticut Attaching States

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Middletown Newspapers – A Review of Connecticut Attaching States

Over the years, the state of Connecticut has been able to attract a diverse population due to the number of Eastern Shore states bordering it. As a result, the cultural diversity in Connecticut is greatly present, as well as an array of ethnicities. Several ethnic groups can be found in Connecticut, including German, Irish, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Middle Easterners. In fact, several of the largest cities of Connecticut have a significant population of people who are of foreign origin. Two of the largest cities, New Haven and New London, have a rich German heritage and large numbers of immigrants from that heritage are still living in the city.

A number of ethnicities can be found in the town of Poughkeep, in the state of Rhode Island which borders Connecticut in the far east. The town of Poughkeep once was a major seaport site, being home to Christopher Columbus who first found the Americas through the Connecticut Bay. A number of sites have been discovered in the area of Poughkeep including a major pequot settlement, a huge beach fort, and the remains of a major road called the Susquehanna between Newport and Fairfield.

In addition to an abundance of ethnic diversity, another notable characteristic of the state of Connecticut is its highly developed economy. Many major companies have headquarters in Connecticut, including Wal-Mart, General Electric, Verizon, and communications company CT Communication. The state of Connecticut also was the home to some of the earliest corporations in the United States, such as Johnson & Johnson, Continental Bank, American Electrical Power, Union Carbide, Union Trades, AT&T, Reebok, and Union Supply. A number of memento from these early companies can be found throughout the state in the form of old barns, stone structures, or even old newspapers.

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