Different Types of Maritime Shipping

Maritime shipping and inland transportation, or in other terms freight shipping, is the movement of persons or products through inland waterways. Freight shipping by ocean has always been popular throughout recorded history. Indeed, it is by far the most common mode of travel throughout human history, right up to the present day. One of the largest modes of sea transportation is rail freight, which dwarfs all other modes of shipping. While air freight and road freight are close in size to each other, maritime shipping is vastly different, with its vast number of regulations and restrictions.

maritime shipping

The majority of maritime shipping activity is carried out by ocean-going vessels that are either bound for one place or several places, or between two places. There are two classifications of ocean-going vessels, those that stop at one port and those that dock at another. There are also different types of these cruises, such as bulk cargo ships, container ships, luxury ships, tug boats, ice breakers and many more. Bulk cargo ships are large vessels that carry a great amount of goods for long distances; they are mostly used for trade or industrial purposes, transporting goods from one country to another.

Container ships are smaller vessels that can carry only a certain amount of weight, allowing for more frequent deliveries of goods. They are commonly used between countries, though there are some that occasionally stop in a port to unload their cargo. Ice breakers are vessels used for the transportation of bulk cargo, like fuel and oil. They also help reduce ice development on the surrounding areas where they are operating.

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