CTMA – Non-Profit Organization

connecticut maritime association

CTMA – Non-Profit Organization

Ms. Lois Zabrocky is the current Chief Executive Officer of International Seaways, Inc. (ISE), a New England based freight broker. Previously, Ms. Zabrocky served as Senior Vice President and Managing Partner of Cruise Management, LLC, an international cruise operator. As a result of her extensive background in the freight brokerage industry, Ms. Zabrocky was named as a “sole proprietor” of the new Cruise Management, LLC. In this role, she is responsible for day to day management of the company’s operations.

Ms. Zabrocky is an active member of the International Maritime Associations of America or MIMA. The primary function of the International Maritime Associations is to promote harmonious relationships among businesses, governmental agencies and passengers. This organization represents the interests of its individual members and other interests of shipping operators and international trade. The Connecticut Maritime Association, or CTMA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the state’s international maritime industry. CTMA is made up of a board of directors appointed by the House and Senate.

The purpose of the CTMA is to promote efficient and economical shipping throughout the state of Connecticut. It is the sole entity responsible for monitoring the activities of its members and the services provided by its members. The association made a decision in May 2021 to transform itself into a non-profit organization. As a result of this change, the state of Connecticut is able to receive revenues generated through membership fees instead of directly from ticket sales.

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