Connecticut’s Low Crime Rates – Garden City, Connecticut

The Connecticut crime situation is deteriorating rapidly and the Garden City, Connecticut is not exempted from this sad news. The Garden City is known for its high quality of life, amazing shopping malls, recreational spots and many more entertainment opportunities. However, all this is going at a great speed because the crime rate has been on the rise in Connecticut in the recent years. According to the latest official data, Garden City Connecticut is the tenth most violent place in the entire country. The Garden City is in fact one of the very few cities in Connecticut, which has the lowest crime rate in the state.

connecticut crime

But still we are struggling with the same problems and that is the low violent crime rate in our city. A new study shows that Garden City has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the entire state of Connecticut. The Garden City Police Department believes that the reason behind this is the fact that the community is very peaceful. Even though the murder rate is high, there are very less number of crimes reported in that regard. This is quite unfortunate because the lower violent crime rate in our state will allow us to be relaxed about the security problem faced in Connecticut.

However, we have to understand that there is still a lot of work left to be done regarding the security situation in our state. There are still a lot of corrupt officials who are involved in the criminal activities and they are also involved in the commission of violent crimes and the lower violent crimes rate will only help them in corrupting the state government. That is why it is very important that we educate all the residents about safety and security in the city. I have a main article about Garden City Connecticut that can help you understand about the above mentioned facts in more detail.

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