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If you are looking for information about the current weather in Connecticut, then check out Connecticut weather news. Here you will find up to date information about wind, snow, rainfall, temperatures and dew point conditions. You will also find out about local temperatures, snow predictions, sun forecast, and wind condition.

connecticut weather

Mostly cloudy for today and the coming week. Humid and slightly sunny over the day. Over the weekend, there will be some scattered showers but no snow. High pressure system is still developing near the eastern seaboard with the Gulf Stream, drawing a strong tide into the New Jersey shore through the weekend and into New York Harbor on Monday. The combination of high pressure and tides will result in colder air mass over the next few weeks.

Before we discuss the forecast, it is important to know that this is a state that follows the seasons. In spring, it is usually hot and humid, but less so in the fall. Therefore, we have to be prepared for sudden changes in the weather. We always wait for the forecast to be right when it comes to choosing the appropriate clothing, but at the same time we tend to rush ourselves when the weather turns too cold. To protect your health and prepare for unexpected events, you should get yourself well prepared by keeping an eye on the forecast on a regular basis and updating your address book with recent weather news. If you are a dog owner, it is advisable to keep a dog alert and know his particular medical problems from time to time.

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