Connecticut Schools Ranking in the Top Five Among Low Income Communities

In terms of the quality of education that the students receive in the United States and other common countries, we can only compare Connecticut with other states in the country. Although the state has a great reputation for its high-quality public schools and universities, many people who have attended Connecticut schools cannot bring themselves to leave. The reason for this is quite simple. The cost of living is less expensive in Connecticut than almost any other state. Moreover, the state provides a very comprehensive system for student support, which means that Connecticut schools are always well-equipped with the latest resources and techniques. In a country where the cost of living is on the rise, it is little wonder that more students from within the country as well as from overseas prefer to study in Connecticut.

connecticut schools

The state’s two largest school districts -the Greenwich district and the New Haven district-have both were continuously improving their public school system for over a decade now. Even before the current recession began, both districts were making great strides in improving the quality of education offered to their students. One such example of this improvement can be seen in the number of students who have been tested and found to have a learning disability that requires special assistance. Since the recession began, these numbers have risen by an alarming rate and now are expected to continue rising at an even higher rate in the years ahead.

One of the reasons that Connecticut continues to improve in the rankings is the fact that it has several attractive options when it comes to choosing from when it comes to educational facilities. The two largest districts – Greenwich and New Haven – each have at least one traditional public school district and a number of hybrid districts which are essentially independent schools that operate as extensions of the traditional public elementary schools. In addition, there are also a number of very selective charter and private elementary schools in Connecticut. The state of Connecticut has a lot to offer students when it comes to the opportunity to attend one of its many well-rounded public elementary schools.

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