Connecticut Farms Offer Many Opportunities for Unique Businesses

Connecticut Farms is a unique type of business. Starting years ago, between 2002 and present, the number of Connecticut Farms increased 43 percent, while the number of individual family farms decreased 13 percent. The main culprit for the increase in the number of farms has been the popularity of organic foods. Between that and increased demand, the volume of sales has greatly outpaced the amount of inventory. With a combination of traditional methods, new technologies and labor-intensive production methods, small family farms are becoming more popular every day.

Historically, the state of Connecticut produces a good amount of apples. Because of the location of this apple-producing area, Connecticut farms tend to be located near streams and rivers, which means there’s always fresh fruit to pick. While the demand for apples is constantly fluctuating, farmers have been able to keep prices high, allowing consumers to buy large quantities. In June, for example, the peak season for picking apples in Connecticut is June, and in July they produce about twice as much as in May, so customers can get their supply of apples at a significant discount.

Of course, the biggest attraction for shoppers in Connecticut is the annual Easter Egg Roll, held in New Haven, Connecticut on the second Sunday of Easter, June 3rd each year. Every kid wants to be there, but it can be difficult to get tickets in some areas. When you head toConnecticut farms in June, many parks will sell out, so it becomes easier than ever to find a parking spot and get to the venue. During the parade down the streets of New Haven, which happens to be one of the most popular events of the year, you’ll see hundreds of cars decorated for the holiday, which is just how the state gets recognized for its historic places.

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