Annual Freight Transfer Reports – Safety First

In the last three and a half years freight transfer in the transportation industry has undergone a drastic change. The new rules and regulations, introduced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the Department of Transportation have greatly improved the safety of the movement of goods and services. Although the regulations only affect those carriers that transport hazardous materials through their operations, they are of great importance to all consumers, who value their safety.

freight transfer

Freight Transfer’s Total Number of Inspections per year: 2021. The total number of inspections performed by the inspectors during this two-year period was twenty-eight. Of the inspected trucks, twenty-one were overage trucks. Of these twenty-one trucks, twenty-one (nearly eighty percent) did not pass the required inspections. This information is important because it illustrates how important it is to the safe operation of freight transfer; if many of the trucks inspected during a given year are unsafe to operate, then the amount of commerce that is transmitted is diminished.

There are many other areas of regulation concerning international freight transfer. These areas are controlled by the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the Department of Transportation. It is important to remember that because regulations are in place for a reason, these laws must be strictly followed. It is also important to remember that there are a variety of other federal and state regulations that are related to international freight transportation that must be properly maintained. These regulations are the result of years of work by government and industry professionals who strive to protect the American public. These regulations are part of our nation’s commitment to uphold our Constitution and to protect the American people.

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