A Brief Synopsis About Newspapers in Connecticut Adjoined States

Connecticut is one of the adjoining states of New York. It is bordered by New York State on its southern border, in addition to being in the Eastern Interconnection of the United States. The state is very rich in natural resources. Many of them are on the National Park Reservation. A large portion of the state is also designated as a national monument.

connecticut adjoining states

There are two large newspapers published in the state of Connecticut, the weekly Evening Journal and the Sunday morning paper. Other small newspapers are weekly magazines. All these publications are available in all bookstores and also in many newsstands in the state of Connecticut. The Sunday morning newspaper published in the state of Connecticut is the most widely circulated daily newspaper throughout the entire U.S.A..

The Sunday afternoon edition of the New Haven Register is the oldest newspaper published in the state of Connecticut. It is famous for its outdoors style and page layouts which have a picturesque quality about them. It has been published since the year 1800 and is always one of the most popular newspapers in the state. There are many other newspapers that are published in Connecticut and one can browse through all of them to find the paper that suits their interest the best.

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