A Brief Overview Of The Connecticut Maritime Association

The Connecticut Maritime Association is an organization created by its several members for the benefit of its members. It’s an Association designed of people representing every facet of commercial and shipping commerce. Its main goal is to promote safe and responsible ocean commerce in the state of Connecticut.

To be categorized as a member of the Connecticut Maritime Association, you must adhere to a fairly simple set of standards. This is made so the association can strive to serve its member ship and the economy of the state of Connecticut. They do this through many types of communication methods, including but not limited to, newsletters, events, conventions, and a wide variety of publications.

One of the first things that the state of Connecticut hired the Connecticut Maritime Association to do was to put together a group of ship owners that were concerned about their economic well being. This group of business people took care of creating the standards that all ship owners must meet before they are allowed to take their ships out on the open water. These standards are then enforced by all licensed and registered yacht, ship and cruise boat operators in the state of Connecticut. This gives all boat owners peace of mind that their business will continue without any hitch.

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